We transform spaces using premium products matched with our highly skilled painters. We work with our customers to achieve their goals and make sure every detail of the project is covered. We guarantee our work, ensuring your home is left tidy and with a top-quality, long-lasting finish.

Interior Priming and Painting

We take the time to consult with our clients on their specific needs to transform their home into their dream space. We carefully and precisely apply the coatings to your space and clean up properly when we’re finished, returning your home to you in the best condition possible. When finished, we walk through with our clients to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Exterior Painting

We take all necessary steps to ensure the exterior of your home will look its best. From taking all precautions to prevent damage to your property and the surrounding areas, to delivering high-quality finishes that will make a long-lasting impression, we guarantee the exterior of your home will be fully transformed to your satisfaction.

Trim and Door Finishing

We can update your trim and doors using industry-leading products that are durable with a flawless finish. Whether you want to enhance the wood characteristics or add a pop of colour, we complete a colour consultation with our clients to make sure you’re receiving the best finish for your space.

Wall Repairs

Cracks, dents, holes, and settling lines are normal wear and tear you can expect to see on your walls. We meet with our clients to assess the damage and prepare a plan for repair. Whether it’s minor touch-ups or a larger project, we’re equipped and skilled for the job to provide you with exceptional results.

Old to New Paint Conversion

Oil-based paint emits a large amount of VOCs (volatile organic content) which is harmful to the environment. We can convert your old oil-based areas over to safe, family-friendly, water-based latex.  We take the proper steps to prepare your space to ensure proper adhesion of the paint for a smooth and seamless appearance.

Pressure Washing

Exposure to the elements can cause a build-up of dirt, grime, and more on the exterior of your home, deck, and patios. We’re able to keep your home looking its best by pressure washing the build-up away. We use the best cleaning products for the job and ensure the task is completed as quickly as possible.